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Gorilla Pictures was founded in 1999 by award winning on-air promotions leader Bill J. Gottlieb to act as a service provider for feature films.  With a 15 year career in commercial writing and post production, Mr. Gottlieb was well prepared to move into the world of motion pictures.  His post facility and ad company, Bill and Ted’s Excellent AD Ventures Inc., already enjoyed and continues to experience great success creating promotional spots for Disney Studios, Disney XD, ABC Television, CBS Television, ABC Cable Networks Group, Aptiv Digital, Buena Vista Television, Fox, PBS, Warner Bros. and many others.

Additionally, Gorilla Pictures joined forces with one of the largest animation companies in all of Asia as a Sales Agency to bring original animated films to the world marketplace. Gorilla’s feature film post work can be seen in broadcast / or on DVD through Grindstone Entertainment / Lionsgate Entertainment, Cinedigm, NBC Universal’s Sy Fy Channel, Showtime Networks, Starz US, RJL Entertainment, Village Road Show, Sony, VOD, SVOD and at video retailers throughout the world.